Which Shared Workspace Is The Right Fit For You?

Getting Just The Right Shared Workspace

When you start a small business, or if you are starting to thrive as a freelancer, it’s hard to find the right workspace. Office rentals are expensive, but you can get into a shared workspace and still do the job that needs to be done at a price you can afford. There are plenty of shared workspace options so before you jump into the first one you see, examine the choices and see which is right for you. Here are some options to consider.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer spots where members sit wherever they want. There are often dedicated desks, shared offices, private offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and all of the office supplies normal businesses need. These spaces are located in convenient spots with good addresses and offer a diverse group of professionals that can collaborate well or work individually, as they please.

Private Office In Shared Workspaces

There are also private offices that you can find within coworking spaces or in stand-alone spots. You get a private office with a layer of privacy and your own space. They work well for teams who meet with clients in their space or for businesses that deal with a lot of calls in or out. People who need quiet and a focused space do well with private offices. Private offices in a shared workspace have a shared business amenity access with privacy included.

Virtual Workspaces

If you can do your job out of your home or a coffee shop and don’t see a need to move into an actual office building, great. But in order to keep things on the professional level, you might want a business address instead of giving out your home address or the address of the coffee shop you frequent. You might also sometimes need a conference room or you may want a receptionist to answer your phone. Virtual workspace allows you to get the professional appearance you want while still operating wherever you’d like.

On-Demand Office Spaces

Perhaps you travel a lot and it would be a waste to rent an office space only to use it on rare, random occasions. When you get an on-demand shared workspace, you can pay when you use the space. You could get a subscription play to have certain services available to you on a monthly basis or you can pay an hourly rate to use the office space when you are in town and in need of a spot to get some work done.

Which Shared Workspace Works Best?

Examine your business and your working needs to figure out which shared workspace is best for you. One of the best parts of a shared workspace is that you can change your option if you find that it’s not the perfect choice for you and something else might be better. Contact BizHaus for the options you can consider and talk to the professionals there about your situation. They can advise you as to what might work best based on their experiences from past professionals.

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