Is It Safe to Work In An Office?

Is It Safe to Work In An Office?

As the world starts to adjust to the realities of Covid-19, the question remains – is it safe to work in an office? The answer is not as simple as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’; it’s a bit more nuanced. It can be safe to work in an office – if the office is taking safety during this time seriously. While many lonely workers are desperate to get back into the office, it’s important to not let caution fall by the wayside. Instead, while determining if you feel it’s safe to work in an office, make sure the following safety protocols are in place.

New Office Safety Rules

To begin with, most offices realize that for workers to feel safe in an office, new guidelines should be implemented. For BizHaus, that meant asking any members who had traveled recently or were experiencing any symptoms of covid to please stay at home. We also asked our members to please wear a mask on the premises when not seated at their desk. At the front desk we keep a handheld thermometer to perform temperature checks safely and as needed. These are important things to consider when contemplating moving back into the office for work. Are there safety measures in place to properly protect you and/or your team?

More Frequent Cleaning

Secondly, another consideration when weighing whether it’s safe to work in an office is the overall cleanliness of the office. Increased cleaning routines, a focus on high touchpoint areas, and janitors taking time in cleaning up the common spaces are all crucial. Additionally, keeping hand sanitizer stations available and throughout the office is helpful. BizHaus has several sanitizing stations set up throughout the building and sanitizing wipes available for all. If the office you’re considering returning to has conference rooms, another good idea is installing HEPA air purifiers – as BizHaus has done.

Healthy Distancing

Thirdly, one of the biggest directives for protection against Covid is maintaining 6 feet from others when possible. Many businesses and offices, like ours, have put arrows down on hallways, aisles, etc., to help direct foot traffic and keep the flow of people moving. With clear directions, it helps prevent hallways from getting too crowded and unsafe. BizHaus also asks members to please leave open chairs in between them in areas like conference rooms, lunch and desk areas to help maintain distance.

Consider BizHaus

In conclusion, with these new measures, it can be safe to work in an office. When making the choice to return, make sure you look into the safety protocols currently in place, and how they are enforced. Many are anxious to return to an office with socialization and their normal routines – but the return to work must be done cautiously and thoughtfully. These tips – all utilized by BizHaus – have made our members feel safe and cared for in the office. If you’re looking for a safe office environment, contact us to see how BizHaus is doing things!


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