Covid-19: BizHaus Cares About Your Safety

At BizHaus, the health and safety of our members, staff and visitors is our highest priority.  As we continue to navigate the situation with Covid-19, we’re taking the following steps to protect the health and well-being of our community.

New ‘Haus’ Rules

  1. As recommended by the CDC and local health agencies, we ask any member who has traveled outside the U.S., has symptoms associated with Covid-19, or has recently come into contact with anyone with symptoms to quarantine at home for 14-days before returning to BizHaus.
  2. Please wear a face mask whenever you are not at your desk.
  3. Temperature checks will be performed on BizHaus staff daily, and no-touch thermometers will be available at the front desk for use by members and their guests.  We ask that anyone with a fever (above 100.4) not enter BizHaus.
  4. For our flex and part-time members, the ipad check-in system will no longer be used.  Our community managers will check you in for the day.

More Frequent Cleaning

  1. We have increased the frequency of cleaning during the day, focusing on high touchpoint areas. In addition, our janitors will continue to clean BizHaus every evening (except on Saturdays) with particular attention to the cleaning of common areas.
  2. We will provide hand-sanitizing stations throughout the space, sanitizing wipes at the front desk, and hand-soap at all sinks.  Please use them!
  3. HEPA air purifiers have been added to all conference rooms.

Healthy Distancing

  1. Maintain a safe distance (6’) from others whenever possible.  
  2. You will notice traffic arrows on hallway floors suggesting the path of travel.  Following these arrows will help to prevent hallway bottlenecks.
  3. In conference rooms, lunch areas and open desk areas, please leave an empty chair between you and the person next to you and avoid sitting directly across from another member.

BizHaus is using the Covid-19 Industry Guidance for Office Spaces published by the California Department of Public Health on May 7, 2020 (Download PDF) as guidance. We may add or remove some policies depending on circumstances, but in general, we trust that our members will use common sense and show consideration to others. 

Please let us know if you have any questions,