Is an Open Desk Right for You?

Judge the Open Desk by Its Benefits

If you are thinking about getting a membership at a coworking location, there are a lot of benefits to the office space. There’s the prime location and a great business address, for example. There are also a lot of options for the type of office you could have. You can get one type of workspace for now and then switch to something else later if your business grows or you find something else that is more suitable for your working style. Membership the office amenities already set up for you and even access to a professional conference room should the need arise. One of the workspace options is an open desk. Is that the right choice for you? Here are a few reasons why it might be.

The Affordable Price

When you get a co-working space of any kind, it’s definitely cheaper than renting an office space of your own. However, there are going to be differences among the spaces that you utilize within the coworking office as well. The open desk is the lowest priced space you can get. If your cash flow is low or you want to make as much profit as you can, paying for an open desk is a huge advantage for you. You get the office amenities and atmosphere you need, and you don’t have to pay much for it.

You Need Inspiration

Some people like to work in quiet spaces where they have their thoughts to themselves. Others thrive on busyness and commotion. While the coworking space professionals will be respectful of your time and space, there could also be typing going on, phone calls, conversations, and more. If you don’t require tomb-like silence, the open desk is perfect for you.

You Want Collaboration

Perhaps your business would work better if you partnered up with someone else or maybe you liked brainstorming and bouncing ideas off other people. The open desk would be ideal for you. Someone might say something as they walk by and that gets you to thinking on a certain path. You can make frequent trips to the break area and engage in conversations. If you start to foster those relationships, you can build a network in your industry and beyond.

Leases Aren’t Ideal

You can get an office space in a number of locations, but you might not like the idea of a long lease. You need to be able to change things up whenever your business calls for it. Getting an open desk doesn’t lock you into a lease so you can make the switch to something else whenever you need it.

Find the Open Desk you Need

If you think an open desk workspace might work best for you, contact Biz Haus. Here, you can take a tour of the open desks so you can get a feel for the professional atmosphere within the coworking space. Open desks aren’t right for every business, but you just might fit in well to the open desk word.

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