What exactly IS a Community Manager?

I’m often asked, “what does a Community Manager do?”  After a couple of years in this role, I think I’m finally starting to understand the scope and importance of this position at BizHaus.  Here goes:

To start, as a community manager, a new day at BizHaus always presents a new opportunity to brighten someone’s day; or at least to help the day run as smoothly as it can. Whether I’m making the usual morning pots of fresh coffee, catching up with members about their weekends, or spending quality time with their doggies, I want to foster an environment where members can feel comfortable enough to let their creativity and wisdom flow with ease. 

I always want members to know that no matter what craziness the day may bring, there’s always someone at the front desk who’s in their corner, with a smile and a solution to any problem. I’m happy to help in any way a member could ask me, whether it’s babysitting their fur-babies, being their sounding board for a new project idea, or fixing the toilets. The welfare of my members comes first every day, and that’s how we begin building a strong community!

But the power of community at BizHaus doesn’t stop at the office.  Many members have become close friends of mine outside of work, and we support each other often in our recreational endeavors! We’ve worked out together, we’ve gone to bars, we’ve danced on tables, we’ve cried on each other’s shoulders, and we’ve cheered on fellow performers at their shows (we have some very talented musicians here at BizHaus!).

With every event we throw, or every chocolate chip cookie we bake fresh for everyone just because, I long to show our members that we genuinely care for them, their success in their work, and their personal lives. I am grateful and honored to be their mama bear, their trivia hostess, their secretary. Our members are not just customers and our relationships are not just transactional. They are characters who bring our space to life, and our relationships are often supportive and personal. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
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