What Are the New Office Solutions for Remote Workers?

What Are the New Office Solutions for Remote Workers?

When thinking about the year 2020, you also probably thought about what are the new office solutions for remote workers? There has been a 42% increase in newly remote workers who are searching for a new office solution. Working from home isn’t ideal for everyone. You might not realize it, but your local coworking space has a plan for office solutions for remote workers. If you’re in LA, BizHaus has multiple solutions for remote workers.

Virtual Memberships

Virtual Memberships are one of the easiest office solutions for remote workers. A virtual membership allows you a business mailing address and mailbox where you receive important information for work without it being sent to your residence. In addition to appearing more professional, it also affords remote workers a sense of privacy. A virtual membership also includes a free day of working at BizHaus which helps remote workers get out of the house when needed.

Flex Memberships

Flex memberships can also be a great solution for remote workers who have more flexibility in their schedule. With 10 days of access to the space a month, Flex allows for more choice. If you don’t need a space every day, Flex makes sure you don’t pay for it. (But still makes sure the coffee is hot the days you do go in.)

Open & Dedicated Desks

If the office solution you need mirrors a typical M-F workday schedule, coworking has you covered there as well. With both the Open and Dedicated Desk options at BizHaus, you have the option to come in every single day! As always, the things you rely on – coffee, printing – are still available. If you work primarily from a laptop, Open desks are the way to go. Need a monitor set up that remains intact? Sounds more like a Dedicated Desk setup. Both are great office solutions for remote workers.

Private Offices

Sometimes, desk space isn’t enough for remote workers. BizHaus also offers a wide selection of different sized private offices. Offices allow for complete privacy and peace of mind. Many remote and freelance workers have secretive projects and contracts that requires a locking door – which BizHaus’ private offices have. Also, in the age of Covid, many people enjoy a private space as a way to continually distance from others if they have any health concerns. Private offices are just one of the many new office solutions for remote workers.

In conclusion, even if you have recently become a remote worker, don’t panic! While working from home can have distractions, coworking spaces are able to provide lots of new office solutions for remote workers. Whether you need two days a week to escape the house or a dedicated monitor set up that you need access to 24/7, BizHaus has the solution you need!  Contact us today to schedule a tour!





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