What are the Benefits of Flexible Office Space?

What are the Benefits of Flexible Office Space?

When thinking about the past year and all the lessons 2020 taught us, the ability to be flexible is usually high everyone’s list. While remote working became en vogue, not everyone adapted as quickly.  The benefits of flexible office space soon became numerous, and coworking spaces can help. Here, we’ll break down the benefits of flexible office space, all available at BizHaus.

Benefit 1 – Turnkey Offices

One of the greatest benefits of the flexible office space at BizHaus is that the entire space is turnkey. When you have the desks, chairs, printers and other office supplies readily available, that frees up your time for the more important stuff. No need to spend hours of your day looking for a comfortable chair or affordable desk – get going now!

Benefit 2 – No Lease Commitment

With flexible office space, there’s no need to sign a lease which locks you into an agreement and makes things … inflexible. With life changing so rapidly and frequently, the flexibility with BizHaus allows you to pause, cancel or start back up again quickly, easily and inexpensively. We understand the uncertainty of these times, and want to make the time you spend at work totally stress-free.

Benefit 3 – Amenities

Another massive benefit to flexible office spaces are the amenities. At BizHaus, we have multiple choices of beverages at any given time. Coffee or tea for your morning, espresso for your afternoon wake up, and beer is always available to celebrate the victories! There is always free printing on site, and multiple conference rooms that can be booked in moments. The high speed internet makes sure you’re always quickly connected when you need to be.

Benefit 4 – Management by Others

Another factor of flexible office space is knowing office supplies are being managed by someone else. No need to worry about if your trash will be emptied each night, counters wiped down. If a light goes out overhead, you don’t need to track down the replacement. The little maintenance details are no longer your responsibility which allows you to focus on your business. Not only does it ease your mind, but it also cuts down on valuable costs.

Benefit 5 – Community and Business Network

The last but perhaps most valuable benefit of flexible office space is finding both community and a business network.  New residents of Los Angeles can find like minded folks to provide them with plenty of restaurant recommendations or a trusted child care provider. Building your website out but need splashy graphics with the help of a designer? Just hop on the BizHaus slack channel and pose your question. Chances are high there will be one in-haus person to connect with or at least – referrals! Expanding your personal and business network is a benefit without monetary value and the gift that keeps on giving.

Now, more than ever, flexible office space is in demand. While the world adjusts for whatever comes next, rest assured you can find all these wonderful benefits of flexible office space and more at BizHaus. Schedule a visit today so we can show you what we’re talking about!


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