Forgo Workaholic Tendencies – Use Your Office

Ideas To Curb Workaholic Natures In Your Office Space

There is nothing wrong with working hard, but everyone has to draw the line somewhere. Taking a break from the office is crucial. Working longer hours that reach a near-constant pattern doesn’t mean your work is better or even that you get more done. Studies have shown that work has a cutoff point and there’s a huge downside to overdoing it on the work front. While not everyone is willing or even able to knock off at 5 o’clock every day, there are things you can do within your office space to help you cut back on workaholic tendencies. Here are a few ideas to try:

1: Add Fun Into The Schedule

If your schedule looks like one meeting after another, that’s not always the best route. You can’t find time away from your meetings to do what you actually want to do so start using your calendar to your advantage. Put some fun into the schedule and don’t take it out, even if a meeting comes up. Treat it like an important meeting, just like any other. That fun might be a night out with your family, happy hour with friends, or an hour walk in the park alone.

2: Enlist Help Within The Office

You are not likely alone in your office space. You work with or around others, right?  Ask someone to help you meet your own personal deadlines. If you want to be out of the office at a certain time once a week or even every night, ask someone to swing by your office space at that time to make sure you are shutting your computer down. When you have accountability, you’re more likely to hold onto your original goals.

3: Go Outside

Any office space can feel stuffy after so many hours behind the desk and in the same chair. Set a timer on your phone to go off once every couple of hours and force yourself to tear your eyes away from the screen and head outside for a breath or two of fresh air. When you get a break, you’ll remember other things in life that are important. Take a short walk or just take a break and recognize that work isn’t all there is to your life.

4: Set Boundaries

When you have a deadline looming, it is easy to pull an all-nighter and try to get everything done in time. But you need to have boundaries where work is concerned. There are certain things you shouldn’t give up for work’s sake. Those might include sleep, exercise, important family events, and other such items. Set those boundaries and then post them on the wall of your office space.

Walk Away From The Office Space At Times

Work is important and it’s what keeps your family going, but that does not mean you shouldn’t take a break from your office space. BizHaus wants you to have a productive office space so you can get done what needs to be done and then head home. No workaholics needed!

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