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One of the great joys of working at BizHaus is watching our members succeed. Case in point, we’ve seen Liquid I.V., a pioneer in the hydration-space, explode over the past two years. When they first joined BizHaus, it was hard for us to find Liquid I.V. outside of BizHaus. Now, they’re in over 12,000 stores all over the U.S. — including Whole Foods, Amazon and Costco!

Recently, Liquid I.V. enlisted the help of all BizHaus members to choose a new flavor. They hosted a blind flavor tasting where members tried three options, and voted for their favorites. Our members got to try a variety of delicious flavors, Liquid I.V. received great feedback, and we all had a good time — talk about a win-win! Based on this feedback, Liquid I.V. finally announced the launching of their new flavor … (drumroll) … Acai Berry!

In mid-June, there was a promotional launch on their Instagram page where followers who shared their original post received a free stick of the new Acai Berry flavor to taste before the general public. As someone who participated in this promo, I can say I’m very excited to snag more of the product. Its flavor is so delicate and refreshing (perfect for the summer!). I sat down with Liquid I.V.’s Operations Manager, Sean Lavin, to get more insight about the product and their process of developing such a wonderful hydration tool.

Sean, a food and beverage guru, is an incredible critic of taste. He is our in-house restaurateur and always the person I trust most with his opinion of any new restaurant openings or recommendations. I mean, come on, he even makes his own variety of hot sauces! During the development of flavors, Sean and Hayden (Liquid I.V. Co-Founder and Chief Giveback officer) spent a lot of time in their local lab testing out different fruits, extracts, etc until landing on the one’s they truly enjoyed. Sean was quick to pay credit to their vendors, specifically their flavorist.

“First off, the flavor and development company that we use are really one of the best around,” says Lavin.“When Hayden and I sat down with the flavorist, I distinctly remember a time when she would have a freshly picked fruit and we would taste it. She then would immediately replicate that flavor in our powder. The comparison was unbelievable.”

It’s also important to note that all of Liquid I.V’s products are Non-GMO, organic, etc. They place a high emphasis on quality products. In fact, they have set a goal to make the entirety of their product and process (including packaging) 100% sustainable; right down to using soy ink, and even using a company that utilizes 100% wind power for their development.

Make sure to check out Liquid I.V. on social media to keep up to date with their official public launch of the Acai Berry flavor, and visit their website to receive one free stick to test out the product!

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