Member Profile: Grades of Green

One thing that makes BizHaus so unique is the diversity of our membership. Housed within these walls are; PR Professionals, Software Developers, Food and Beverage Startups, Roofing Companies, and Nonprofits. Overwhelmingly, the common thread that runs through the community is a culture of positivity and giving. One of our members with a clear focus on social-good is Grades of Green. Although they are one of our newer members — they joined BizHaus about 6 months ago — they already feel like family! We recently had a chance to sit down with Allie Bussjaeger, Director of Regional Programs, to see how things are going.

BH: What is Grades of Green?

Grades of Green is an environmental education nonprofit. I think we have the best job in the world! We get to work with passionate 2nd – 12th grade kids across the globe to help them build the leadership skills they need to take action to protect the environment. Any school, anywhere in the world can join Grades of Green for free at any time. In doing so, they gain access to all of our Grades of Green Activities, which offer step by step directions on implementing a project-based service learning activity. Schools and students are able to connect with our talented team of Grades of Green Advisors, who offer customized support for students and schools who take on our program. Our goal is to change the course of the future by making environmental protection second nature in young minds today, and we have tons of fun reaching this goal by inspiring and empowering kids to care for the earth.

BH: What first brought you to BizHaus?

Shared workspaces are not only fun, they are super eco-friendly! We appreciate having a smaller carbon footprint as an organization by being in a shared workspace. BizHaus was a great fit for us as we loved the location, and the opportunity to have both a private workspace, conference rooms, phone booths and, communal work space; it’s a win-win for everyone. The BizHaus team is so friendly, helpful, and welcoming – what’s not to love?

BH: It’s been about 6 months since we met you!  How’s it been going?

It feels like we have been here all along! Our staff has met so many awesome groups and people by being here. We have really enjoyed the office gatherings; the Halloween hunt was a favorite. We were even able to help make BizHaus more eco-friendly by starting a compost collection bucket in the kitchen to ensure all of the fruit and veggie scraps get composted. People have responded really well to it! So far we have collected over 50 pounds of food waste that has been composted instead of going to a landfill! Yahoo!

BH: What do you want to be when you grow up?

The eco-version of the United Nations! We want to connect kids across the world who are working tirelessly to make the earth a better place. Every student should have the opportunity and resources to protect the planet and inspire others to follow their lead. We hope that Grades of Green will continue to grow and be a resource for kids who want a healthier earth.

BH: Favorite Thing about Coworking?

The new friends and partnerships we have made, plus the delicious coffee and tea!

BH: How Can People Find You?

Any school can register on the Grades of Green website for free at All of our resources are free, and schools can connect with a Grades of Green Advisor for customized support once they are registered. Friends can also find us on Instagram, facebook, twitter and Pinterest @gradesofgreen.

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