Why We Love Working in Silicon Beach

Silicon Beach Is A Great Place To Start

While there may not be any silicon in Silicon Beach, there are plenty of opportunities. This region of Southern California is a technology community that allows entrepreneurs to startup any number of companies. Not to mention, the great beaches, stellar weather, and all-around camaraderie of the area. Here are a few reasons why people love working in the Silicon Beach region:

The Talented Employee Pool

People know that this area of the country is rich in technology, innovation, and startups. There are talented employee options everywhere you look. People looking to start businesses and break out in their careers need somewhere to start and some padding for their resumes along the way. There’s talent around every corner and if you’re looking to hire you can find numerous candidates that could fit the bill well for just about any position.

The Great Weather

Southern California is known for its fantastic weather pretty much all year long. Sure, there are rainy season, but there are way more sunny days than rainy, cold days. People love to work in this region of the country because taking breaks is easy. They can take a lunch break outside and refuel with the gorgeous sun and fresh air. When they take time off for a few days, they don’t really have to go anywhere to enjoy time away from the office. The sun and the beach are right there for them any time, which saves time and travel expenses.

The Networking Opportunities

You can advertise all you want, but networking and word of mouth can be the most powerful forms of communication any business receives. When future stars want to get into acting, they move to Hollywood or New York and try to meet the right people and get their foot in the door somewhere. That can be said about technology companies. IF they want to make it, Silicon Beach is the place to be because there are plenty of people to meet. Meeting with others at your level and above can help you get where you want to go.

Fewer Startups Per Capita

California is a great place for startups in general, but there are more such businesses in larger areas, like San Francisco. They’re all looking for clients, investors, and loans to prime their startup pumps. Silicon Beach is a better location because there are more investment opportunities and fewer startups asking for those funds. It’s better for businesses to get their feet wet and their products and services off the ground.

Relocating To Silicon Beach

If you are looking to get into a business, start your own company, or join into exciting ventures, Silicon Beach is a prime location. Start out by enjoying coworking space through BizHaus and see where your company grows and goes from there. You can utilize a professional address and work remotely from anywhere. You can enjoy the conference room as needed. Or get your own private office. Whatever suits your needs, Silicon Beach and coworking spaces can be the answer.

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