The Five Types of Coworkers You Will Encounter In Any Workspace

Loveable Characters in Your Coworking Space

Whether you work in a coworking space or a traditional full-time office, you are fully aware of all the characters that you see everyday at work and are proud to call your work family. However, what you may not realize is that you may run into several repeat personalities at any and all workspaces that you cohabitate throughout your career. Aren’t convinced? Let us introduce the 5 types of coworkers in any workspace.

The Snack-Hoarder Type

To start off with, The Snack-Hoarder is always in your workspace kitchen with a handful of chips and a heart full of hope. You always can rely on the Snack-Hoarder to ask “are you gonna finish that?” From M&Ms, to wasabi peas, to an old gummy bear that’s been sitting out for three months, this guy will eat it all–on one plate. And he is constantly waiting for the pantry to restock because he is a human garbage disposal. He always knows if the kitchen is out of your favorite munch, or if there is free food coming into the co-working space–and for this, you are grateful.

The Chatty Cathy Type

Next, you all love Chatty Cathy, but she is always striking up a conversation  at the wrong time. Hard deadline to meet? Cathy pops up out of nowhere to talk about the importance of oral hygiene or her overwhelming love for her toy poodle (She’s named Candace.) We get it Cathy, you floss your dog’s teeth. Gold star for you.

The Overachiever Type

The next archetype in our 5 types of coworkers you’ll meet is…the Overachiever! They show up to the office an hour early–not to mention bike to work every day after an hour long early morning hike in the mountains. You don’t know how this perfect human finds the time to get everything done–but she does with a huge smile on her face. She brings in donuts every Friday (with vegan and gluten free options, of course), and asks how your mother is doing on her birthday. Wait–are she and your mom friends?

The One Who Always Wants To Grab Sushi Type

This type of coworker always wants to you to pick up sushi with them during lunch hour, but there are really only so many times a week you can eat raw fish in your cubicle. Appreciate the enthusiasm, buddy, but not this time. Well, then again, sushi does sounds pretty good.

“I Think His Name is… Rick?” Type

Next up – he’s silent, mysterious, and you think his name is…Rick? Or is it Rob? When you finally talk to him, he ends up being the nicest and coolest guy in your office space. Rick/Rob even volunteers at the animal shelter and plays in a Journey cover band on Friday nights at the dive bar downtown…Who knew?!

We Are All in This Together

In conclusion, your coworkers make your office experience that much of –well– an experience! When you are working, you spend more time at the office then you do anywhere else. So let’s face it, your coworkers become your second family. At BizHaus, you are able to meet all sorts of people who can make the week that much more lively and enjoyable. Here, you can try and play “types of coworkers” bingo! Or, if that’s not your thing and you are more of the solo type, that’s ok too. We work with you to accommodate your business and professional needs.  If you are ready to look into a coworking space, contact our team at BizHaus. With our private offices, open desks, conference rooms and more. Everyone can find a good match, no matter their type.

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