The Art of Coworking

As self-proclaimed coworking-geeks, one of the coolest things we get to do at BizHaus is build out new coworking spaces from scratch.  We get a chance to reflect on our awesome members and how to design a space for them that promotes positive vibes, community, and productivity.  During this process, we ask ourselves a lot of philosophical questions such as: How many phone booths are enough? And, is it possible to make a kitchen island too big?  

But the question that causes the most self-reflection and banter is:  What should we put on that wall? For the feature wall at the new BizHaus location in Costa Mesa, the answer to that question came surprisingly easy — Brian’s Wave!  

Brian Morris is a member of BizHaus El Segundo and one of the top three photographers on the planet (the other two — Abbi and Elmer — reside at BizHaus Costa Mesa).  He’s also an avid surfer, who one day, walked into BizHaus with a framed photo of a beautiful wave he captured at the infamous Wedge surf spot in Newport Beach.  Out of sheer BizHaus love, he donated the photo to BizHaus El Segundo where it still graces the walls to this day.

Putting Brian’s wave up at BizHaus Costa Mesa seemed like an obvious decision.  However, because ‘easy’ isn’t in our vocabulary, the BizHaus team abstracted Brian’s wave into mosaic tiles and handed the whole thing over to muralist David Lee, the artist behind the murals at BizHaus El Segundo. Fortunately for us, David accepted the challenge of creating a mosaic version of Brian’s Wave, and — twelve weeks later — we’re proud to announce that the latest BizHaus art project (and labor of love) is now complete!  

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