The Advantages of Having a Virtual Office Space

Benefit From a Virtual Office Space

Many businesses start out small, within the comfort of people’s homes or in public spaces. As they grow, legitimacy becomes an important factor. The business may not have a physical address or the owner might not feel comfortable using their own. To give work a more tangible place to live, business owners should consider a virtual office space. A virtual office space gives companies the opportunity to have a dedicated address while they continue to work remotely. There are many advantages to working in a virtual office space including credibility with a professional address, an affordable cost, the ability to work virtually anywhere, and access to resources and amenities. 

Dedicated Business Address

Firstly, while it’s not always obvious, handling business matters with a home address can appear unprofessional and less credible. For business owners, a virtual office space comes with a dedicated address at an established location. Therefore, using this address, members have access to mail handling services, ensuring that important documents and information always get delivered. Not only does a business address radiates an expert-level professional feel for consumers, it also gives the business more reliability. 

Office Space and Affordable Cost

Next, paying to rent a space for your business can become very costly. Especially if you are running a startup or smaller company, the price associated with renting full spaces on a monthly basis is costly. However, virtual office plans are affordable, and tend to have flexible terms. BizHaus offers the Virtual Plan, which costs $75 per month. In addition, virtual members are given limited access to the workspace and conference rooms for one day per month. Businesses can therefore increase profitability without worrying about the costs of full-time rent and other aspects of a working space like furniture, equipment, and more. 

Office Space Freedom 

Working remotely offers different benefits that traditional office spaces simply don’t have. For one, virtual office memberships allow people to work from nearly anywhere. This gives the business more flexibility and hours that span outside the normal 9-5. In addition to giving employees the freedom to work comfortably from their preferred workspace, it also saves them money by cutting out commute costs. No commuting allows more time for collaboration, plus increased productivity.

Access to Office Resources 

Additionally, virtual office spaces offer a variety of resources that would normally be associated with traditional work environments. Of course, members have access to Ethernet and Wifi when visiting and using the office space. BizHaus provides a secure network connection, ensuring cyber safety. They can utilize conference rooms and office spaces one day per month. With a dedicated business address comes mail handling. Mail will be safely waiting for members to return. Other resources and amenities include office supplies, a receptionist, onsite parking, and a kitchen. 

Consider the Virtual Office Spaces at BizHaus

In conclusion, if you are thinking of starting a business or need to add more credibility and professionalism to your current company, consider the virtual office spaces offered at BizHaus. Our unique work hubs are equipped to accommodate the needs of your virtual work without changing your business strategy or direction. Get the In-Haus experience by visiting one of our locations in El Segundo, Marina del Rey, or Costa Mesa. And if these locations don’t work for you, consider any virtual office spaces in Los Angeles, listed here

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