Optimizing a Creative & Productive Office Space

Making The Most Of Your Office Space

Your workspace is more than the place you complete your daily tasks. It’s the place where you spend a significant portion of your time, and as such it is essential that it fosters both productivity and creativity. How do you do this in a shared working space? We’ve got the tips to help you manage a productive office space.

Tip 1: Add Some Greenery

Plants in the office do more than sit there and look pretty. Research shows that they help reduce stress, clean the air, and optimize creativity and productivity. Bring in a succulent or two to put at your workstation (and maybe bring along a few others for your coworking neighbors!) and reap the rewards. In one study done by the NGI in 2010, adding plants to the office decreased worker’s sense of anxiety, depression, hostility, and fatigue. The most significant reduction was found in workers’ feelings of depression and dejection, which decreased by almost 60%!

Tip 2: Assess The Lighting

You need proper lighting throughout your workspace to avoid eye strain and keep your mood and productivity high. If you can, choose a workspace near a window or skylight so you can benefit from the natural light. Lighting has a big impact on your mood and motivation. Fluorescent bulbs are better for the environment, but have been shown to induce a “stress response” in the brain – impacting stress hormones, emotions, and muscle tension. Opting for accent lighting in place of overhead lighting can make your workspace feel more inviting and less clinical, so speak to the office manager about your options.

Tip 3: Get Supportive Furniture

If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t get as much work done. You need furniture, especially your desk chair, that is comfortable and supportive. Get items you can adjust for ergonomics and something that just plain brings you a good level of comfort. Talk to the office manager of your space about what you can do to optimize your workstation. You’ll want to take breaks to stretch no matter what, but the right chair and furniture can help you get more work done at a faster pace.

Tip 4: Mix it Up

You want to be more creative  and productive at work? Get away from your desk every once in a while, because movement and visual stimulation work wonders for productivity. Going for a walk when you’re stuck can allow you the mental space to look at a problem with fresh eyes. If your coworking space has a lounge, take advantage of it! Sometimes it helps to break up tasks on your to-do list by changing your location. You can also take a quick stroll to clear your head and keep your energy levels up.

Finding Productive Office Space

Before you go about changing your work space into something that helps you with creativity and productivity, you first have to find the right space. Contact BizHaus about your work space needs and look into coworking. You’ll have access to the office amenities you need along with things like a conference room, break room and more. You can get a private office space, an open desk, or whatever works best for you. And you can change your work space at any time as your business needs change – and keep it productive.

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