Member Profile: DreamCatchers

Every coworking space thinks they have the best members, and BizHaus is no exception. We have so many members working in the most diverse industries that inspire us and make us proud to know them everyday. Caitlin Crommett joined us over a year ago while working on her non-profit, DreamCatchers, that she founded in high school! We got along with Caitlin right off the bat due to her cheerful disposition, the way she engaged with other members, and the fact we absolutely loved what her organization was doing. Her passion is contagious, and her insights into how we interact with older generations is spot on. We’re so lucky to be able to call Caitlin a member of BizHaus, but her perspective is valuable to anyone. Read more here about Caitlin, and the awesome work she’s doing. 

Who are you and for whom do you work?

Hey! I’m Caitlin… I founded and currently run a national nonprofit organization called DreamCatchers. We fulfill end-of-life Dreams for terminally ill hospice and palliative care patients, through student-run chapters based in high schools and colleges (like Make-A-Wish, but for typically-elderly people, and run by youth!). We have about 45 nationwide now- it’s crazy. A huge part of our mission is connecting generations– so I’m a little obsessed with the generations! I recently started speaking on generations in the workplace (i.e.- Millennials, Boomers, Gen X… etc.) and now occasionally lead workshops and speak at conferences on the topic. 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m California born and raised, and only left to go to school in Indiana at Notre Dame. I promptly returned after graduation though, because I can’t stand the cold (you’ll often see me with a rechargeable hand warmer at my desk…) and need lots of sunshine at all times. I started DreamCatchers in high school and had no idea it would take off as it has, so I’m now running it pretty much full time! Other than that, I do a lot of speaking (^as I mentioned), hot yoga, and love a good gin martini. Random assortment of fun facts, but there ya go.

What do you like to do in Los Angeles/Southern California? 

Literally just sitting in the sun is my happiest place. Obviously since I live here in Marina you can often find me walking around the marina dreaming of my future yacht, heading to Corepower Yoga, or finding the best places to eat (suggestions always welcome!). I also love wine/beer/gin-tastings, so love a good vineyard/brewery/distillery. Let’s go to happy hour!

What words of wisdom would you like to share with the BizHaus community?

Oh man, I don’t think I’m wise enough to share words of wisdom. But here goes… and I guess I’m a little biased because I hang out with a lot of seniors, but go visit your local senior center! Or talk to the elderly man sitting alone at the restaurant! Older generations have SO much to share and are way too often ignored and neglected in our youth-obsessed culture (hey, Hollywood). Anyway, happy to do a BizHaus field trip to a local senior center/nursing home sometime 😉 Let’s all go adopt some grandparents!

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