The Impact Workspace Has on your Life

There are a lot of moving parts going on in your life at any given day. We know that “life happens.” All of the sudden, you have a broken-down car, a sprained ankle, or a surprise family obligation. This is why we, at BizHaus, firmly believe the impact workspace has on your life is very important. It should work seamlessly into the way you prefer to function every day to avoid being another thing that “happened”.

Why Workspace Matters

As a culture, we spend a LOT of time at work. We wake up, head to the office, and carry on with our routines for the day. With 8-10 hours, on average, spent at the office every day, your workspace can and will have a major impact on your life. Here’s why choosing the perfect workspace matters:


Productivity is a crucial component to feeling fulfilled every day. When you go to work and leave feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing, you’re confronted with a sense of uneasiness. Our career plays a huge role in what makes us feel valued; the achievements throughout each day gives us that sense of purpose. Your workspace can have immense impact on your productivity and therefore is a crucial part of your career and life.

If you work for a creative company and collaboration is a part of your process, it’s important that you have a location to collaborate effectively. Whether this includes the space to do so, such as conference rooms, or the tools to do so, such as white boards or relevant technology, you should have an ideal environment required to work efficiently—together.

Even if your job is more solitary, you deserve an environment that allows you to completely focus. Private office space or a dedicated desk space, even in a shared environment, is a great option. The bottom line is the office or workspace you choose should allow for the highest level of productivity, and for many, they find that right here at BizHaus.


One of the best features of coworking office space is the ability to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Your workspace can allow you to bounce ideas off of individuals who are working to achieve similar goals in bordering and even opposite industries; this offers unique perspectives on business operations, processes, marketing, staffing, and so much more. With a supportive, social workspace, and a community of individuals from all industries, the success of your business is limitless!


Workspace can be limiting when you feel like you’re stuck in a box. Open-air seating has been adopted by many companies recently due to the studies that prove separating and closing off employees actually cuts down on productivity. Your business deserves to thrive! The ability to work at any time (even if your best work happens at 2am), have your team all in one place, and access to all of the amenities you may need throughout your workday (printing, mail service, coffee, etc.) are the basic conveniences that can push you to the next level.


It sounds funny, but it’s true. The “vibe” of your office environment can heavily impact the productivity and success of you and your organization. Some workspaces energize, inspire employees and foster socialization. Other workspaces are drab and dreary, adding a gloomy layer to business practices and making employees eager to go home at the end of the day. The energy of your workspace is all too important. Here at BizHaus, we make energy a priority; we want our space to be lively but comfortable while creating a true feeling of community. We find that this combination is key to a blossoming business.


Your workspace should be as flexible as you are. If you’re within a space that allows you to move your team members from a shared space one month to a private office the next, you can adjust and evolve with the space as your company grows. An inflexible workspace may force you out of introducing change, which we know is an integral part of a company’s success, and may result in stagnation rather than growth.

At BizHaus, we offer flexible, month-to-month options that allow for ever-changing businesses to have only the space they need. When you have a small business, you may need an intern one month and not the next; you may have a sudden surge in business and require desk space for three new employees; maybe you’re expecting a slow season and only want space for yourself a few days a month. Having the ability to be flexible, rather than locking you into a long-term agreement, ensures you’re getting exactly what you need when you need it.

We’ve seen it first-hand. The impact workspace has on your life is an incredibly important component of your life that can make or break you. When planned and executed right, the space in which you work should integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day. And we think BizHaus is the perfect fit.

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