How to Choose an Office Space

Your Office Space Isn’t Just for You, it’s for Your Future

When you’re ready to start in a new office, you’re ready to get away from what bothered you about your old office space. Old wiring, out-dated bathrooms and appliances? Not to mention the noisy neighbors may have been things you got used to, but never loved. Starting over, you’ll want to make sure to ask questions during the process of shopping for a new office. Here, we show you how to choose an office space.

Huge Windows

Huge windows are the envy of anyone that works in an office. When anyone is stuck on a computer and in a rolling chair all day, there will be a need for someone have some fresh air, and feel the sun on their skin. Huge windows make this easier, though they’re no substitute for leaving the building from time to time! Huge windows bring strong and necessary light into any space, which can be a motivator, and a healthy mood enhancer for an office of building-bound people who work hard. Having large windows in your office space is a favor to your hard-working employees that make your company what it is. If you don’t have large windows in your office space, think about it! You could be a few thousand dollars away from a more productive working environment.

Space to Stretch

While it’s not necessary to sponsor a private yoga instructor for your company everyday, it is a great thing to offer! But really just making sure that any office space in which you’re considering an investment has enough room for several people to stretch can make a huge difference in productivity. Just like having plenty of natural light, making sure that breathing room is an abundant resource in your office might mean more room for off-the-clock shenanigans, but it will also constitute a great reason for employees to stick around. Strange though it might sound, many work spaces have such limited space, just heading out to the bathroom is something that involves an exercise in manners and excusing one’s self. Don’t let this be the environment that you present to new hires.

Vending Services

No common office perk is loved more than free food. Doughnuts, catered lunches, you name it, they’ll eat it! Even food that isn’t of the highest or healthiest caliber is gobbled up, so adding a vending machine to your office space is always a good move. If the food is cheap, that’s even better!

Proximity to Great Restaurants

The final consideration for how to choose an office space? Food. Everyone likes to leave the office for lunch. This is also a healthy thing to do; even in an office with huge, beautiful windows, you’re looking out from the inside. If you find an office space with room to stretch that’s across the street from all of the food you can imagine, you’ve lucked out! Don’t skip on it yourself; your employees love it, and so will you!

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