Advantages of an Open Desk: What Are They?

Advantages of an Open Desk Over an Office

You might think it’s the norm to have an office set up where everyone is behind a closed door, but the advantages of an Open Desk are clear. There are distinct benefits to having an open desk, whether you work alone or with co-workers. Here are a few reasons to go that direction over having designated office spaces. 

Advantage 1: See The Team As A Manager

If you manage others in your business, you can see how they work and understand more about them in an open desk setting. It’s less of a policing situation and more of understanding how people tick and what helps them to be more productive. You can see what excites them with their work and help guide them in that direction.

Advantage 2: See Your Manager Work

If you’re on a team and you have a manager, it’s nice when they have an open desk near the team so you can see how they operate and take cues from them. Watching how they behave, work, and even communicate with others will give you an example of what you want to do for your future with the company.

Advantage 3: Saves Money

It makes sense that the fewer walls there are, the more you can save. Those dedicated office spaces cost more. Whether you’re working alone as a freelancer or you have employees around you, the fewer walls you have around you, the less you will have to pay for the space.

Advantage 4: Allow Natural Light

Without walls, the open desk setting allows for more natural light. There aren’t any barriers around the lighting so you can let natural light reign free, make everyone feel better, and use less artificial lighting all at the same time.

Advantage 5: Encourage Collaboration

There are some jobs that have to be done alone, but they are often in conjunction with the work others are doing. You will want team collaboration at times and when you have an open desk setting, that’s just what you’ll get. When they are connected closely together and physically in one space, it’s easier to ask questions, shoot information back and forth, and even brainstorm as a group.

Advantage 6: Access to Mentors

Even if you are working alone at an open desk, you are among others who are like-minded business individuals. There might be someone nearby that has a similar business, but is farther along in their process than you are. They could give you great advice and even act as a mentor. You have better access to those opportunities from an open desk workspace. 

Using the Open Desk at the Right Time

There are good reasons to use an open desk and there are good reasons to have a private office. You need to do what’s best for your business in its particular stage of life. The professionals at BizHaus have many options available and we’re here to help you decide what will work best for your circumstances and situation. Keep in mind that you can always switch things up later and move to a different space within the coworking office.

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