Coworking Spaces & How To Make Friends

Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Any Business

If you are just starting your own small business, you might need office space, but you don’t want to take the risk of a long-term lease or purchasing a space of your own. Instead of getting into something that could come back to haunt you later, you might consider coworking space. However, you would be among strangers and people you’ve never met before. Wouldn’t that be awkward? It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be quite helpful. Here are a few benefits that anyone can use to turn strangers into new friends in your coworking space.

Benefit 1: Networking Opportunities

When you are working amongst other business professionals, you never know who you might run into and what opportunities they might bring to your table. There could be other freelancers there with connections you could utilize or ideas you could grab onto. In many freelancing businesses, it’s all about who you know and as you meet the people in the coworking space, you will get to know a lot of others within your industry and others. Soon your industry friends will be your coworking friends.

Benefit 2: Collaboration Options

When you work in a small business where you are the only employee, or you freelance out of your home or a coffee shop, you’re pretty much on your own for both ideas and the actual work. If you grab onto the opportunity of a coworking space, you could have others around you to collaborate with you. During breaks, you can brainstorm with those around you and you might even run into someone who can add to your business with their own expertise. These collaborations don’t happen unless you step out of your comfort zone and work among strangers. The strangers slowly become your new friends in your coworking space.

Benefit 3: Avoid Loneliness

You might have the capability of working anywhere you have internet access and a laptop and that’s great, but anyone needs a little adult interaction from time to time. Working at home leaves you isolated and alone way too much and, face it, you don’t even have a reason to get dressed in the morning. Having coworking space gives you not only a reason to get dressed and leave the house, but also plenty of people around you to chat with on and off throughout the day. You don’t have to work together to have companionship between projects. A few simple conversations in the breakroom can help you feel less lonely in your coworking space.

Finding The Right Coworking Space

Any coworking space is going to have strangers in it so you will want to find the space that is set up well for your freelance work or small business. Once you find the right spot, you can start to make those strangers into acquaintances or even friends. You never know what you can learn from others working around you or what ideas you could drum up together. Utilize the coworking space to its fullest by enjoying the strangers around you as you take advantage of everything the space has to offer.

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