Ways to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Don’t Make Work Drab

No one likes boring spaces with no life. The appearance of your workspace, however boring or exciting, can have an impact on your workers, and affect the morale of your team. Even if you do it for purely selfish reasons, liven up your office with things that are enjoyable and cool. You’re actually more likely to attract and retain great employees with an attractive and engaging workspace. This isn’t the old days where all you needed was to offer a person a paycheck, and they’re basically guaranteed to be with you for the rest of their lives. In this mover-and-shaker working world, people actively seek out places of employment that are hip, modern, and groundbreaking. The look of your office can have affect what new people think of the working environment, and lay the groundwork for the spirit of your office.

Choose a Space with Amenities

Some building owner/operators recognize the importance of having something to offer to tenants besides just the space itself. Choose a space that comes with internet, and some basic food service, even if it is just coffee. Everyone loves coffee. Imagine being able to offer your clients and your employees complimentary coffee. Gone are slow days with low productivity, and here are days of great conversation and hysterical laughing.

Everyone Loves Puppies

Grab the real thing, if you want, but pictures and paintings of kittens and puppies make people smile. Everyone would rather have a basket of baby retrievers, but if someone’s allergic, cute pictures might do the trick. Unsure of investing in art? Open your company policy to include pets. Unbeknownst to many, some animals become anxious without their humans, and you could actually end up doing an employee a favor by allowing pets in the office, if even for a short time.

Plants are Life

Cheesy as it might sound, plants, particularly trees and flowers, have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Unbelievable though it may be, some offices don’t allow living plants inside, no matter how great their benefits. Adding plants to the workplace, however, shouldn’t be limited to trees and flowers: if your floor has an easy-to-clean surface, small bushes and ferns tend to do well indoors. As far as assigning a person to care for them, well, that is up to you!

Snacks and Company Lunches are Also Life

It is impossible for anyone to actually dislike free food. Maybe some are opposed to unhealthy food being so readily available, but nobody dislikes the offer itself! Whether you decide to stick to fruits and vegetable trays, or maybe you import chips and candy from the outside. Either way, you’ll win the hearts of everyone in the office when you try to feed them.

Color Swatches Matter

Off-white walls are out. Go for stark white and dress it up to match your team personality, or choose a fun pastel that attracts the light to lessen the drowsy effects of spending hours indoors. Try out a couple of fun shades of red and green in common areas and individual workspaces. Some nice relaxing beiges and blues would be good in restrooms. If you’re really going for it, choose a space that has plenty of glass walls. This opens up any room, and makes your space brighter.

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