4 Creative Ways To Make The Most of Your Workspace

Your Workspace Says A Lot About You

Do you want your workspace to communicate that you are organized, hardworking and creative, or that you are lazy and boring? While you may have been taught to not judge a book by its cover, the appearance of your workspace will reflect a lot about you. If you want to be productive, but not lack character, an ideal workspace is organized, leaving enough white space to look clean, yet has a few personal touches such as a plant, colorful folders, or your favorite coffee mug and notepad.  

Whether you have a shared office space, or a private office space, having a desk that is cluttered or disorganized can become a disaster. Productivity is key for any workspace area and you won’t want any items to detract from that. Not only does clutter diminish your productivity, but too many personal items can as well. If you want to make the most out of your workspace, take a look below at a few useful tips!

1. Say goodbye to clutter

Whether you already have a desk that needs to be freed from piles of clutter, or you are about to move into workspace with a desk, make sure that you stay clutter-free. If you tend to hold on to items, this may be a difficult step for you, but it will be in your best interest. Make sure that your desk only contains the supplies you really need. A good way to eliminate useless clutter is determining if you will use it within the next week or so. If you haven’t used it in the past couple of months and don’t think you will need it in the future, either toss it or take it home.  

2. Designate spaces

Having a spot for every item you need is an important way to stay organized. Whether you are cleaning out your desk or moving into a new desk, make sure to give everything a new home. This helps optimize efficiency and productivity when you know where everything is located and don’t have to search for it. It also helps you to easily see when you need to restock items such as paper clips, pencils, pens, stamps, etc.

3. Make sure you have good lighting

If you have a desk near a window with good natural lighting that is a fantastic benefit. However, if you aren’t able to get enough natural light, take advantage of using a desk lamp that will provide enough light for your workspace.  

4. Add personal touches without overdoing it

Too many personal items can make your desk overcrowded and become more sloppy than charming. To avoid this, be selective when choosing personal items to decorate your desk with. Everyone has his or her own style. You may want to display a photo of your family or you enjoying your favorite hobby. Whether you have special mug, a book, journal, or other knick-knack that has meaning to you, choosing a couple that fit you will help personalize your desk without making a mess. Have fun decorating your dedicated desk or private office space and be proud of your workspace.

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