The Right Questions to Ask While Looking for Workspace

What to Ask While Looking for Workspace

This is an exciting time! You’ve decided your home office is too distracting, your cubicle is lacking, or you’re just not willing to sit in any more traffic, and you’re ready for a change of workplace scenery. And when you find a new space, you know it’ll feel great to settle in.

If you’re not looking for just any workspace but rather the RIGHT workspace to suit your needs or the needs of your business, there are a number of questions you should ask workspace providers. Follow this guide to get the answers you need to make an informed decision based on just what you need AND what you want.

What types of workspace do you offer?

Workspace is no longer indicative of just private office space. And in terms of coworking, there are still a couple of different options out there. Some memberships provide public desks with access to conference rooms and lounges around the office. Think of this like a library set up — you get access to space that allows you to concentrate, but you’re not tied down to one spot. You’ll be surrounded by other individuals from different companies, likely in a sociable environment. You may also see dedicated desks that allow for you and your team to have a permanent place to come and work; you and your team will still be in that sociable environment with access to collaborative areas, but these desks are yours and only yours. You may also notice private office space within the same building. If you have a growing team and you’re looking for a low-commitment space, the locations with a variety of options may be the right workspace for you.

How do you price your workspace?

Workspace pricing is usually fairly straightforward. Whether you’re looking for flexible desk space, dedicated desk space, or private office space, always ask for membership costs up front so you’ll know the monthly commitment you’ll be making.

What level of commitment do I have to make?

Modern workspace providers and coworking spaces in general tend to be the most non-committal options for workspace out there. Ask about the level of commitment required from the workspace providers you’re vetting – is there a lease or is it month-to-month? What is the cancellation policy like? What about a security deposit? This way, you’ll know the flexibility that you and your team are allowed right from the get go. More flexibility is especially beneficial for growing teams to ensure you aren’t paying for space you don’t require…and that you have access to as much space as you do!

What amenities do you offer?

Many workspace providers offer fantastic amenities. Aside from a social environment where you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, your workspace should provide fast Internet, mail services, a reception area, janitorial services, conference rooms, kitchen space, parking and other conveniences like filtered water, coffee and tea. Choose a workspace that will be comfortable and enjoyable for you or your team. And always be sure to ask if any of these amenities cost extra! Many coworking spaces charge for every additional add-on while others, like BizHaus, are all-inclusive – your membership already comes with everything you need to be successful.

Are there creative and collaborative spaces available?

Typically, workspace seekers are entrepreneurial and creative in nature. If you need collaborative space that’s conducive to creativity, be sure to ask about these spaces while “interviewing” each workspace. Taking a tour of the space before signing up is a given, but many spaces even offer free trial days so you can get a feel for how your team will work within the space.

What type of community do you offer?

Ask about the atmosphere around the offices. Workspace should be a vibrant space that allows for networking but also allows for complete concentration when necessary. It’s important that you’re signing up not just for workspace, but for the community that the workspace provides. Ask about general office atmosphere as well as member-only events or social activities. Some workspaces will even introduce you to members who are more than willing to share their opinions and experiences within the space, so take them up on that if given the option.

Be sure to ask all of these questions before choosing the space that you and/or your team will settle into. It’s not just a workspace, but where you will be spending a majority of your time away from home – your workspace matters. You want it to be the perfect spot for you, and so do we!

We wish you luck on your journey of finding that perfect space!

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