How To Personalize The Office Space

Adding Personality To The Office

It isn’t too difficult for the office environment to begin to feel a little stale and boring. The fact is, most offices around the globe look the same. White walls, paneled ceilings, and endless cubicles define the classic look of the office that many people seek to avoid. While some businesses avoid this with custom designed work areas, this isn’t a realistic solution for most. As a result, it’s easy to feel like your office is destined to lack in character and personality. Thankfully, it’s even easier to do something about it. All you need are a few simple design and decorating ideas.

Unique Touches

The best way to combat the classic, boring look of the office is to spice things up with little extra details around the space. These details can be as simple as plants, comfortable furniture, unique artwork, and other things that break up the monotony of desks and chairs. A little bit of color can also go along way. If you are renting your office, make sure it is okay to paint on the walls. If not, add color accents through these additional items so people have something to appreciate as they work. Artwork, in particular, is a perfect way to add this color without it looking too forced or out of place.

Common Spaces

Another option for making your employees feel more at home is to change the working environment up a little bit. Most offices have some kind of break room, but this is rarely enough to get employees out of the feeling of being trapped in their cubicle. Instead, create some common spaces around the office using furniture you’d find in a home. Couches, coffee tables, even entertainment devices like TVs and game stations will promote more relaxation when appropriate. If you have some old exercise or sports equipment lying around, bring these in as well to get your employees moving around to stay healthy.


Personalizing The Work Spaces

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into an office without a lot of work is to get everyone involved in the process. Personalizing work spaces is an individual endeavour. Allow your employees to bring in unique items to decorate their spaces. This allows them to get creative while feeling like their working environment is more tailored to their unique tastes and personalities. You can still control and approve the types of objects they bring in to avoid anything distracting or inappropriate, but give them some freedom. In the end, your office will start to look more varied without requiring you to do all the work.

Being Creative

Most importantly, don’t forget to let creativity in a bit as you decorate or plan your office’s layout. The enemy of the classic, boring look is creativity. Share your creativity with others and encourage employees to do the same. When everyone is working together on the same goal, you will start to notice that the final product is even better. Most importantly, creating this type of environment will increase overall productivity and employee satisfaction. In the end, everyone wins. Don’t have an office to decorate yet? Contact us today to see what rental options are available.


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