Member Spotlight: Music From The Streets

It’s not really a stretch to say everybody likes music. It’s a generally accepted fact. But if you’re Chuck Gullo, you REALLY like music. In fact, he likes it so much it’s what he’s been doing for the past 40 years. No stranger to the industry, Chuck has guided some of the biggest names in the business and most recently, worked with Casey Kasem to create his signature CD series, “Casey Kasem presents America’s Top Ten Hits.”

Lately though, he’s shifted ­ but not completely. Chuck is now the founder and CEO of “Music From The Streets.” Music From The Streets was created for two distinct reasons: first, to spotlight the incredible talent performing on the streets of cities across the country, and second, to use the power of music to help in the fight against homelessness. By televising the competition, starting a 24/7 Music From The Streets radio channel, by creating a Music From The Streets app and by launching music festivals in cities across the country, the message will spread.

Still in the early launch stages, Music From The Streets has been hard at work networking and tapping into Chuck’s extensive list of resources and contacts amassed over the years. And most recently, they even inked a deal for a TV show that will promote their efforts.

On top of pooling important PR resources, Music From The Streets hasn’t strayed from their main goal ­ striving to ultimately end homelessness, which as noble as a goal that may be, a cursory look around LA alone showcases what a lofty hope that is. However, they’ve partnered with 4 of the top national nonprofits aimed at combatting homelessness: National Alliance to End Homelessness, National Coalition for the Homeless, Stand Up for Kids, and National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. The major difference is Music From The Streets is trying to utilize the power of music to achieve such a common vision.

Chuck has enjoyed BizHaus a great deal. He’s of course had various office set ups through his prolific career, but this is the first time he’s been in a coworking environment. “I enjoy being a part of the BizHaus family and meeting other creative and interesting people. It’s also great for networking and supporting each other’s endeavors. I hope I can be of some help to my coworkers, and I very much look forward to exchanging information and ideas at business and social events.”

Chuck’s passion has always been listening to great music and predicting new talent ­ mixing that in with the ability to be able to give back in some way and you have the perfect blend of music, passion and community ­ an idea and company BizHaus is proud to stand behind!

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