Lighting Your Office Space

The Best and Brightest Office Space

Choosing lighting for your office space can be hard, but it’s important to remember that do have plenty of options. It is possible that, if you’re renting your office space, the owner of the building has already decided what types of lights will be available, and hired a maintenance company to take care of building needs like that one. There is a link between better lighting, and better productivity. Having good lighting in your office space is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity, increase stamina, and heighten enthusiasm for your work.

We’ve outlined some of the best options for lighting up your office space here!


If you’re looking for something chic, cool, and contemporary, check out panel lighting for your office space. Whether your panel lighting is coming from the wall, or hanging from above, it’s a great compliment to a contemporary office space that relies primarily on natural lighting but needs a little extra boost. Panels in office spaces offer lighting that is easier on the eyes, particularly when in an environment where most of the work is done on computers. Panel lighting is one of the many ways to make your office space the office space of the future.   


Pendant lights are lights that hang from above. There’s a rush to create different types of pendant lights, and make them as minimalist as possible while making them unique. Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strength. Pendant lights aren’t just lighting, but decor. When shopping for light for your office space, pendant lights can be as soft or as strong as you would like for them to be. Hang a pendant light over communal work spaces like desks grouped together in an office space, glass-walled meeting rooms, or open meeting tables.

Swanky Dome Lighting

Dome lights, as much as the name would insinuate, are lights that are housed in protective half-circles, usually made of sturdier material. Dome lights are usually strong lights that can concentrate the strength of their light in one spot. Dome lights were popular in the 60s and 70s, and can add a retro flare to a hipster office space. Many dome lights have controls to adjust the intensity of the light emitted.


There is no substitute for natural light, even in office spaces. Whether you are in a creative-use studio, a traditional office space with cubicles, or your own loft, natural light always brings its own spirit and energy into a space. Natural light is always a good move for your office space, even if you have plenty of lamps on hand. Just think of the occasions that you’ve had to spend time in a room with no windows. It’s definitely not an experience that you want to have everyday—so why would you choose an office space that doesn’t have a good dose of natural light? Your office space is a place you’ll be spending hours at a time on most days, so make sure that it is comfortable, and filled with natural light.

Studio Lights

Popular for both office spaces and apartments, studio lighting is usually a set of small, intense lights mounted close to the ceiling, allowing the space between the lights and the frequently-used space to soften the intensity without sacrificing the light. Studio lighting is particularly good for office spaces that frequently have special events, as it is strong enough to strongly illuminate office spaces, but soft enough that it doesn’t stress eyes. Whatever your lighting choice, everyone in your office space will appreciate it.

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