Lighten Up Your Office Space

Get Functional and Stylish Office Space Lighting

When you move into a new office space, excitement is high. The space has everything you need! But after a day or two of hard work, you may realize that the office space is lacking in one way—lighting. No one wants to have headaches because of bad lighting and good lights can turn an average office into something much more exceptional. Lighting is an essential part of an office space and there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the space with light.

Tip 1: If Possible, Usher In Natural Light

If your office space has windows nearby, the best thing you can do for the space is get as much natural light as possible. Your job might have you tied to a computer for most of the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some sunlight. Control the natural light with blinds that can filter the light so it doesn’t get too bright and hot. But allow in as much natural light as you can stand!

Tip 2: Angle The Lights

Your office space can look larger or smaller depending on how you angle the light. You might not want a direct light on your computer screen, but you still want light in the room. If the overhead lights aren’t doing it for you, turn them off and get some lamps. Play with the angles of the lights so you don’t get a glare on your screen, but have the illumination you need.

Tip 3: Trendy Task Lights

Most office space options will come with overhead lighting. It might be stylish and recessed or it might be hideous, but you can add trendy styles to any space with task lighting. Task lights ensure that you have the best possible illumination where you need it the most. And with modern lamps and shade designs, you can have a statement piece right on your desk. Who needs decorations when a lamp can light things up and act as a piece of art as well.

Tip 4: Layer The Lights

Of course, there is such a thing as too much light, but if you layer your lighting just right, you are going to feel great while you work. The overhead lights are the bases while the natural light provides ambient light. Task lighting gives you functionality and accent lighting (like under the cabinet lights) can put a shiny sparkle to it all. Don’t overdo it in any one layer, but try to mix them all together well.

Tip 5: Use Pendants In Limited Space

Not all office space is unlimited and if you have a small amount of space, you might not have room for a decorative lamp. Pendants and wall sconces are attractive options that keep the lighting functional and stylish, but out of the way.

Find The Office Space First

The first step in office space lighting is to find a great office space, to begin with. The Professionals at BizHaus are here to help you with just that, along with more lighting tips when the time comes.

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