How To Increase Productivity By Organizing Your Workspace

Tips For De-cluttering Your Workspace

Did you know that clutter could decrease your productivity? If you are disorganized or have piles of items that you don’t use on a daily basis it can slow you down and make it harder to work. It also affects others perception of your professionalism. Take a look below at a few helpful tips for de-cluttering your workspace.

1. Build From Nothing

This may be difficult for those who have a lot of items on or around their workspace. You may have become accustomed to always have an array of articles around you and may feel uncomfortable once they’re gone. Yet, this is one of the best ways to start if you have been unsuccessful with de-cluttering your workspace before. With this approach, rather than removing a few items at a time, you will remove everything. Then one by one, you will add items whenever you have a need for it. For example, if you need a pen or notepad the next day, you can grab it and find a home for it at your desk. You will quickly realize that all the items on your desk were unnecessary and just getting in the way.  

2. Re-evaluate Your Office Space

If you don’t want to start from scratch, like above, you may like using the re-evaluation approach. This is when you take an inventory of what belongings you have at your desk and evaluate if they are really necessary. Many people like having clutter around because their brains trick them into thinking that everything is needed when, in reality, it’s not. To help you sort through this ask yourself if each item has a purpose, if it is outdated, or if you actually need it.

3. Assign A Home For Each Item

When you give each item a home you will know exactly where they are when you need them. Also, think about the convenience of grabbing each item. If you are right-handed place items you need to grab quickly to the right. Other items that you may not need often can be stored in drawers or underneath your desk.

4. What About Personal Items?

Too many decorations, photos, candles, or other items can become distracting. While having too many items can be a distraction, having a couple may make you feel more comfortable. Keeping one photo of your family or your plant won’t take away from your work. Just be aware that they don’t pile up and overwhelm your workspace and you’ll be fine.

5. Tidy Up Your Office Space

Your workspace will naturally become cluttered or messy at the end of the day. That’s okay because it shows you have been busy working. If you want your space to be fresh for the next day, all it takes is a few extra minutes clearing your desk.

We hope these tips help you keep your workspace clean and organized. While some prefer controlled chaos, a tidy, well-organized desk can help increase productivity and give your workspace a crisp, professional look.

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