The Benefits of Open Floor Plan Workspace

Have you heard? The popularity of open floor plans is spreading across the world. With a peek into highly successful companies like Google, other companies have begun to transform their workspace to emulate the trend of open floor plans. Not everyone is on board but many companies, especially more creative companies, have found great success in breaking down their cubicle walls and getting leaders out of offices.

The Main Benefits of Open Floor Plan Workspace

Is open floor plan workspace right for your team? Here, we’re detailing out some of the biggest benefits.

Less Meetings

Often, employees can get caught sitting in meetings all day. But these meetings may involve people who don’t need to be there and sometimes, they can be unproductive. Open floor plan workspace allows teams to increase one-on-one communication, therefore resulting in having less meetings.


Simply put, everyone in your organization will be able to communicate more effectively with open floor plan workspace.  With more open space, individual employees are more likely to reach out to others and get their questions answered—fast and in person with no room for error in deciphering the message. If your business is too tied into digital communication platforms like email, this will come as a bit of a shock, but you will be astonished by what verbal communication and collaboration can do for the quality of your product or service. Even more than quality, it also allows for continuous development of positive company culture.


In open floor plan workspace, you can see all of the other individuals that are working. At any given time, you have the non-verbal support of others who are dialed in and working efficiently to achieve greatness every day. Having your managers and leaders involved in the open floor plan can also be beneficial. Leaders are able to hear conversations that they may be able to assist with, which presents the ability for learning opportunities that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Managers also have the opportunity to know when team members may not be spending time on what they should. Similarly, junior and new members of the team are able to observe the actions of senior leaders and mimic their good habits. In these ways, contrary to popular belief, an open floor plan workspace can actually support and increase productivity among team members.

More Breakout Space

Open floor plan workspaces create more room for breakout spaces. Although meetings should be cut down, when you do need to meet with other team members and collaborate, you don’t have to go into someone’s personal office to do so. You can meet in a comfortable breakout space that’s intended for creative collaboration. This neutral area allows everyone to feel comfortable speaking up and contributing to a productive meeting.

Thriving with Open Workspace

If you’re considering an open floor plan for your team, there are fantastic options for coworking space and private workspace that will satisfy the needs of your team. Allow for less meetings, more open communication, increased productivity, and more room for break out sessions and watch your team thrive in an open environment.

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