8 Clever Ways To Organize Your Workspace

How To Organize Your Workspace Efficiently

We know that when work gets busy it can be more difficult to keep your desk clean. If you are ready to start fresh, here are a few fantastic organizational tips.

1. De-clutter

The best way to get rid of the mess is by getting rid of everything on your desk. If there is too much stuff you can start by making piles: one to throw away, one to gather and redistribute, and one to take home. Once your desk is clean, you can decide what needs to be discarded, what you can take home, and what needs to stay.

2. Reorganize your files

If you have paper files, it may be time to transfer them onto the computer. In this digital age, the need for paper files has diminished. Not only is storing online more convenient, but also frees up space in your office. When you make the transfer to your computer, be sure to backup your files as a failsafe.

3. Organize your drawers

If you have drawers at your desk, now is the time to clean them out and reorganize. Often, drawers can get stuffed with junk that you don’t even use half the time. So after your throw out items you don’t need, make it a goal to not put anything in your drawers unless they are necessary for future use. Another great idea to keep your office more organized is to label your drawers, shelves, bins, etc., so that you can easily find anything you’re looking for.

4. Moderation is key when it comes to reminders

If you have a tendency to write sticky notes, consider getting an app on your computer that looks like sticky notes. However, if you have to write them by hand, try to limit their amount and throw them away after you use them so that they don’t paint your desk in a rainbow of neon colors. Another great option is using the calendar on your phone, as it can send you a reminder before the time of the event.

5. Keep frequently used items on your dominant side

If you are right-handed, then you will want to keep your phone and other supplies on the right side of your desk. Yet, if you’re left-handed then naturally, they will need to be on the left.

6. Limit supplies

Realize that you don’t need 30 pens, a stack of papers, extra staples, etc., all on your desk. Most likely, you will only need one pen and a notepad, if at all. Being prepared and having office supplies on-hand is a good idea, yet try to keep them stored away in bins or drawers and limit the supplies on your desk to a minimal amount.

7. Don’t get too personal

When your office space is full of pictures, mugs, notebooks, cards, lotion, food, etc., it can become a cluttered mess fast. The best way to avoid a mess that you will have to eventually purge again later is by not letting anything too personal make a home on your desk. You really don’t need that photo of your dog near your computer. You can keep it as the background of your phone or on your refrigerator. If you want that clean, fresh open space, then keep those personal items at home.

8. Embrace white space

When you have empty white space on your desk it will be easier to work. Not only will it feel refreshing and clean, but it will also give you space you need to review documents or sign papers, and much more.

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