3 Office Space Traits for a Great Work Environment

Your Office Space is a Home For Your Employees

Your employees are going to spend the majority of their lives working your office. Because of this, you need to make sure that it’s a space worth being in. A great office space can improve your worker’s overall quality of life, improving employee happiness, retention, and health. These are traits that can lead to a successful business that actually ends up making it. Want to make sure that your business fits the bill for your employees? Here are some traits of private office spaces that improve your work environment.

1. Plenty of Light

DId you know that conditions like seasonal affective disorder go beyond just when it’s cloudy outside? Having an office space that’s dimly lit can also contribute to a decrease in overall employee happiness, so you should make sure that there’s plenty of light in your office. Natural light is even better, as being able to see nature outside is great for employee health and attitude.

2. Open Spaces for Collaboration

Office spaces are becoming less and less about isolated cubicle zones and more and more about open collaboration between employees. Open spaces make it easy for people to ask questions, share new ideas, and come up with ways to solve potential problems. Having open space available for your employees is one of the best ways to encourage team building and getting the best ideas out of your employees possible.

3. Designated Break Zones

Employees need the opportunity to separate work and play, so you need to have a designated break zone available to them where they can eat lunch and relax for a bit so that they can come back to work feeling refreshed. This mental break makes all of the difference in the world for workers, so making sure that you have a place where people can take a breath is important for overall productivity.

4. Focus on Team Building

Don’t be cheesy about it either. The worst thing in the world for employees is to walk into a thinly veiled HR exercise where they have to practice trust falls. A little bit of recreation does the trick really well. Having things like shuffleboard or ping pong available to your employees in the breakroom is a great way to encourage team building that actually works. It encourages a healthy sense of competition while also helps your team build relationships with each other.

Make Your Office Space Count

Having an office space that motivates your employees to do good work for you is one of the most important ways that you can grow your business. By making sure that you have a work environment that fosters team building, work, collaboration, and light, you’re going to make sure that your business is a successful, productive place to work. Want to find an office space that matches your needs? BIzhaus offers plenty of diverse work spaces that fit business of any size, so contact us today to see how working with Bizhaus can help you improve your business.

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