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What’s Happening In the Haus

Farm to Office

One of my favorite things about working in a coworking space like BizHaus is stumbling across the fun and cool projects dreamed up by our members. We’ve seen...

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BizHaus Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! Coming up with unique, thoughtful, and fun ideas can be tough. Lucky for you, BizHaus members are not only amazing people, but they also...

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Good Work Gives Back

At BizHaus, we have a wonderfully diverse and varied membership - from creative design studios, to dawn-till-dusk coders, to beauty branding. Among those...

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Mission Hydration

One of the great joys of working at BizHaus is watching our members succeed. Case in point, we’ve seen Liquid I.V., a pioneer in the hydration-space, explode...

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Recents Posts

Is an Open Desk Right for You?

Judge the Open Desk by Its Benefits If you are thinking about getting a membership at a coworking location, there are a lot of benefits to the office space....

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