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Economical and Efficient, Coworking Rules!

You know you need a workspace, but you’ve been slacking in your search. Part of the reason you’ve been slacking in your search is because you’ve been coming across places that are clear out of your budget. You like one place here, one place there, one place elsewhere, but you’re still not finding that place that you and your wallet can agree upon. Making room in your life for an office space that’s too expensive will do way more harm than good for you in the long run. You’re going to need to stop thinking in absolutes when it comes to seeking an office space, and think about what you actually need. If you finally realize how much better you’ll be in a shared space, congratulations! When you’ve got this down, though, don’t think you’re alone – you may be a desk-length from someone in another industry, and a few steps away from a great conversation.


Working from home is the normal modus operandi for people who are lucky enough to make their living from writing novels. This can be a hard habit to break, having to put on something presentable for the sake of making yourself feel good about the job that you’re doing. If you’re a novelist, you’re used to writing long pieces of writing, in which case, it might make working easier if you’re out of your element. Finding an office space that you can share with others for a reasonable amount of money will make you look forward to writing on about your universes.

Freelance Writers and Designers

Maybe your project isn’t one long novel as much as it is several articles for a reputable news source, or a couple of covers for a local magazine. Freelance writers and designers need their own space to breathe and function between pieces, maybe even more so than novelists. If you’re not feeling like home is a great place to be because of a litany of distractions, you’re not alone. Even in a shared office space, where the name of the game is getting as much work done as possible, you’ll find a great opportunity to work, and to talk to other people that are more like you than you realize.

Remote Workers

If your job is technically in another country, go ahead and grab a coworking space for yourself. You may have odd working hours, and for the vast majority of people with jobs in countries outside of the one in which they live, there are spouses and children that need to sleep, and you working through the night won’t go unnoticed, even if your home seems to have enough room.  

Sales Professionals

If you’re working in sales, it’s probable that you’ll be in and out of your office space. Meeting with clients for lunch, and having time leftover to spend with spouses is important to you, and your coworking space should be able to provide you with a phone, and a room for teleconferences so that you won’t disturb your officemates. All of these are feasible options if you get out and look, and voila! You’ve got productvity!

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