How to Dress Your Office Space

A Cool Office is Your Responsibility

We’re officially in an age where the coolness of the office will have an effect on how much consideration a potential employee will give to your business. Google Headquarters leads the way in the the most amazingly fun places to work, and has kept that title for years and years. While it’s not likely that you’ll be able to give your employees the type of paradise that Google offers, you will have the opportunity to make a great working space for the ones who have worked with you to get you where you are today. When choosing an office space, it’s completely fine, and understandable, that you’d want to get the most for your money, but don’t stop there: think of the cool and fun things you want to do during the day, and bring them in!

Adjustable Desks

Gone are the days of sitting all day, everyday, and never needing a break! Order a bunch of adjustable desks, and you’ll see an increase in productivity, and a rise in employee satisfaction, too. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone to make a case for these types of desks to higher-ups – being able to stand and sit as one needs helps blood to flow properly, and makes for more motivated working environments.

Marble Tables

Nothing gives a room a touch of sophistication like marble. Marble floors aren’t where you want to be on a rainy day, but putting marble in an unexpected place, like a meeting room table, or the kitchen island, is a welcome surprise. Class, style, and durability are what you get when you choose marble, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Catered Lunches, Snacks, Drinks, and Coffee

In the race to attract the best employees, companies have gotten the message that offering to feed people for free is almost always going to win attention, and applicants. Making a hospitable and excitement-inducing workspace is as easy as adding a string of culinary delights to your office routine. Snack machines have been a norm in workplaces for decades, and workers have recently begun demanding wholesome and organic choices. Even the junk foodies feel drawn to the carrot sticks and ranch sauce. Free coffee and tea are two beverages that everyone has come to expect in offices, whether they’re in businesses, non-profits, or academic institutions. Once you’ve got great things to eat and snack on, you’ve got a happy workforce!

Ergonomic Furniture

Like the adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs can help increase productivity. Comfortable employees with bodies have proper support will be more productive and much happier. Ergo footrests are also particularly advantageous for people who spend large amounts of time in front of a computer.  

Great Views

Nobody can hone straight into work for hours and hours straight without taking a break to smell the flowers and have a little fresh air. If you have great views of nature or of city scapes, you have plenty of chances to get sunlight into the office to boost productivity and lift spirits.

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