Office Space Tips to Make It Your Own

A Great Office Space Can Mean Great Company Culture

Everyone’s talking about the importance of company culture these days, especially with the rise of Silicon Valley and their focus on the happiness and productivity of the employee. If you want to make sure that your company culture is up to snuff, you have to notice that almost all places that have a great company culture have an office space that reflects their values to go along with it. Do you want to make sure that your office space reflects the cool company culture that you’re trying to provide to your employees? Here are three ways that improving your office space can improve your company culture.

1. Creative Minds Need Creative Space

Thematically, one thing that most companies have in common these days is that they’re looking for the most creative people possible to give the company the very best ideas. The problem with this is that many companies who want to have the best ideas aren’t providing their employees with a creative space where they feel comfortable and want to ideate in. One way that you can change this in your company is to ditch the offices and the cubicles, opting for an open space office where people can more easily talk to one another. This increases collaboration, and allows for people to be more creative and open with each other. If you want to make sure that you’re collaborating in your business effectively, while also encouraging great company culture, you should give your employees open and creative space.

2. Focus on Ergonomics

One thing that you can easily do to make sure that your office space is making your employees as productive as possible is to improve the ergonomics of the office. For the most part, you should focus on things like the quality of chairs and the comfort of your employees, as it’s proven that the more ergonomically sound an office space is, the more productive and creative the employees are. Take advantage of this by providing your employees with comfortable chairs, and allow them to suggest ways that they can be made more comfortable at their workspace.

3. Go Bold

Sometimes a paint color, or a ping pong table, can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to company culture. A brighter paint color can make people feel more inspired, and like they’re working in a fun place that spurs and fosters creativity. Games like ping pong and shuffleboard foster the creativity that employees feel, and often make it so they’re talking about work even when they’re not on the clock. Each of these are ways that you can significantly improve your company culture while also improving your employee productivity. Amenities in your office space can make all of the difference to your family. Overall, if you want to improve company culture through your office space, do something bold, focus on the ergonomics of the office, and create a space where creative minds can feel free.

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