What To Look For In An Office Space For Rent

4 Things That Can Help Your Business Grow

Office space is more than just a home for your business. The right office space can promote creativity, community, team work, and even help your business grow. A bad lease, limited space, and inconvenience can all inhibit creative and entrepreneurial stimulation of your office environment.

When looking for an office space for rent, here are 4 things to keep in mind to get the most out of your space.

1. Room To Grow

The hope for any business is that it continues to grow and generate profit. Your office space should reflect this. While you should accommodate your immediate needs and budget, you also need to consider how your needs will change over the course of the lease. If you are signing a five year lease, will the space accommodate your projected growth for the next five years? If not, negotiate a shorter lease with extension options or negotiate first rights of negotiation to any adjacent space that becomes available.

One of the benefits of our office space is our flexible monthly plans and no leases. It allows you to change your office space as your company changes and grows on a monthly basis.

2. Convenient Location For Employees

When looking for an office space for rent, keep your employees in mind. They’ll want work as close to home as possible. If you move the office from one city to another you’re likely to lose employees who don’t like a long commute. It makes jobs closer to home, even with less pay, more desireable. Try to stay in the same area as your last office or keep your employees commute in mind.

3. Convenient Location For Clients

You should also take into consideration how convenient the office space for rent is for clients. If you’re moving to the suburbs form the city, will the decrease in rent make up for the potential loss of clients and revenue? If you’re moving from the suburbs to the city, will the increase in rent be paralleled by an increase in clients?

In the era of the internet, skype meetings might seem like they can take the place of face-to-face meetings, but they can’t. Even if they don’t happen often, face-to-face meetings still need to be manageable for clients.

4. Parking

Parking is also essential for the growth of your business. Both clients and employees need to be able to easily park and enter your office space. If the office space for rent has limited parking, see if there is a place for employees to park that gives clients the convenient parking spaces. Inquire about special employee parking rates and validation if parking is expensive in your area. These things need to be worked into your budget, but it can be well worth the cost. If parking is too inconvenient or expensive, employees and customers won’t last long.

Flexible, Lease-Free Office Space For Rent

In the modern business world, change is constant. Your office space needs to be able to accommodate the rapid change and growth in your business. Our membership plans are flexible and change with you as your business grows. From personal office space to community desks, we have everything you need to innovate and inspire.

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