5 Tips For Organizing Your Workspace

How To Organize Your Workspace for Max Productivity

Do you want to increase productivity? Sometimes if your workspace becomes too overcrowded or isn’t organized, it can be more difficult to work efficiently. Your workspace should be a place where you can be creative and productive, but also be comfortable. Finding the balance between getting your work done and enjoying yourself is important. You may not have control over the whole environment, yet you can still make sure that your desk area is conducive to you. If you have your own desk, be sure to use these tips below for organizing and personalizing it.

1. De-clutter, Repurpose and Assign a Home

This is one of the first steps for creating a new productive workspace at your desk. If it has become cluttered with papers, notes, pens, etc. that you no longer use, then it’s time to throw out or take home those items. Anything you don’t use daily should not be on your desk. Now that these items are gone you can think about where the remaining items should go that is most useful for your productivity.

2. Keep It Clean

After you go through your de-clutter phase, the trick is keeping it clean. A great way to do this is by clearing one item each time you get up from your desk. Whether you are taking a break, grabbing a snack, going to the restroom or otherwise, clear something from your desk. If you like eating snacks at your desk, this may mean taking your mug or bowl to the kitchen. Of course, if putting items away after you use them comes naturally then this may not be as of a challenging step for you.

3. Respect Others Working Alongside You

If you work in a coworking environment a great way to encourage morale and help make the work environment a more pleasant and productive space to work is to make sure that you are mindful of the space around you, not only your own desk. This may mean wiping down the kitchen counters or sink when you spill, washing your dishes when you finish eating, etc.

4. Give Yourself The Weekend To Clear Out

Sometimes even with your best attempt to keep your desk clean during the week, projects get in the way, you become busy and you just forget to clear it. That’s okay. If this happens you can use the weekend clear out rule. At the end of the day before the weekend, do a quick sweep, tidying up your desk so you can start fresh on Monday.

5. Leave Only Minimal Personal Items

If you have your own desk, the desire to personalize it is natural, yet you want to make sure that you don’t go overboard.  If you add too many personal items it can become too crowded and less productive. So choose only one or two items you have to have and get rid of the rest. This may be the small succulent your friend gave you or a photo of you and your significant other.

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