Creating A Productive Workspace

You Are As Productive As Your Workspace

If you have worked in a variety of locations and workspace over the years, you may have noticed that you get a lot done in certain places and virtually nothing done in others. Your workspace can determine a lot about your productivity. If you are able to create a workspace that fosters that productivity, you will be on the right track a lot faster. Here are some tips to help you form a workspace that will benefit your business.

Take Care Of Basics First

Before you think about decorations, you need to make sure you have all the basics covered within your workspace. You will need a good chair, for example, if you are going to spend a lot of time at a desk. You will also want a computer or iPad or whatever kind of technological device you need. If you need access to a printer or copier, make sure those are in place as well. The basic needs of your business should be your first concern before you move on to other aspects of the workspace.


Good lighting is very important, whether you notice it or not. If you don’t have decent lights, you might cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and more. If at all possible, try to have at least one source of natural light in the room. After that, you will want a full spectrum light bulb to help you get the proper amount of light. You will also want to adjust the angle of your computer to help you feel at ease with the glare and other lighting elements.

Clean Up Distractions

It’s easy for any workspace to get cluttered with regular office items. Take a look around the desk and see if there are items there that you really need or if they are just taking up space and causing distractions. You might occasionally use a stapler, but do you really need it at the center of your desk? Moving things into drawers and out of sight can help you focus on what’s important instead of the clutter.

Use Your Ears

If you have others working around you, such as in a co-working space, you might want to make use of earbuds in order to increase your productivity and lower distractions. Find music that enhances your creative juices and not things you want to sing along to, those songs will just distract you from the task at hand.

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