Art for Coworking Spaces 101

Is that a Rorschach Test?  No, you’re looking at the new mural gracing the outdoor patio space of the new BizHaus West-Wing Building in El Segundo!  This is one of four custom pieces the BizHaus team created with the help of our incredibly talented muralist, David Lee.  

After months of dealing with change orders, misfit doors, and drywall dust, it was therapeutic — in a fun way — to think of ways to reflect the awesomeness of our community through art.  Some of the words that come to mind when thinking about BizHaus members are:  Authentic, Positive and Inspiring.  There is a vibe and energy here that’s hard to explain … you really need to be here to feel it.  But if visiting BizHaus in the near future isn’t in the cards for you, take a look at this art, and you’ll get the … PICTURE.

Before you even enter BizHaus, visitors pass through a secret passageway from the parking lot.  On one side is a chain-link fence and on the other side is a masonry wall which serves as the canvas for our first piece.  Where some saw an old, scarred-up wall, David and the BizHaus team saw an opportunity for art inspired by street art (think Banksy), the history of flight (think El Segundo aviation), and innovation (think BizHaus members).

As soon as you enter the new building, you see another piece by David in the lobby.  Inspired by old hand-painted butcher and baker signs from the past, we wanted our sign to feel like it’s been here for a while.  BizHaus coworking spaces are housed in old warehouse buildings and we try to leave most of the original architecture untouched.  In our buildings, you’ll see original bow-trusses, concrete floors, brick walls, etc.  Our new sign fits right in.

Turn the corner and you see a little girl on top of a fire extinguisher.  Is she trying to fly?  Coworking is about collaboration, inspiration, and dreaming.  We dream of building new apps, saving lives, making the world better, and yes, of flying.  Also, it would have been boring to leave this fire extinguisher unadorned.

And what about the Rorschach Test in the patio … what is it?  We don’t want to give the answer away, but it’s relevant to El Segundo and flying.  If you can’t figure it out, come visit us and we’ll stare at it together until it comes to you!

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